How to Prepare for Extreme Heat?

We all love summer! When summer comes around, everyone is overjoyed. After all, the season is completely devoted to leisure and good times with your near and dear ones. But sometimes, it might get a little too hot. In the severe heat and high humidity, evaporation slows down, and the body must work extra hard to keep a normal temperature. Heat and humidity is a common result of the summer season. But is there nothing that one can do to beat it? Absolutely not! Here’s how you can prepare for the extreme heat.


Tip 1

Be ready with a disaster supply kit and create a family emergency plan.

Tip 2

Install window air conditioners snugly and insulate if required.

Tip 3

For proper insulation, do check air-conditioning ducts.

Tip 4

Put in temporary window reflectors to redirect heat back outside.

Tip 5

To lock cool air in, weather-strip doors and sills.

Tip 6

Use outdoor awnings or louvres to cover windows. This will reduce the heat that enters a house by up to 80%.

Tip 7

Rely on a weather app, such as WeatherBug for local weather forecasts and upcoming temperature changes.

Tip 8

Learn how to treat heat-related emergencies.
Stay Safe during the Heat


To stay safe during the heat, follow these steps:

• Check for critical weather updates with the help of the best weather app

• Avoid leaving children or pets alone in enclosed vehicles

• Stick to small meals and eat more frequently

• Escape severe temperature changes

• Check alcohol intake

• Consume a lot of water

• In case air conditioning is not available, it is recommended to stay on the ground floor

• Wear loose-fitting, light-coloured clothes

• Avoid training or running shoes and wear sandals.

• Avoid indoors and arduous exercise during the hottest part of the day

• In case you’re working outdoors, take breaks very often

• Keep checking on your loved ones and neighbours who do not have the luxury of air conditioning, who are alone or who are more likely to be impacted by the heat

• Keep checking on your pets now and then to ensure that they are not suffering from the heat, and ensure they have water and a shady place to rest

There are many more tips to keep cool and have fun:

• Be a child and have fun outdoors. Get in your swimsuits and beat the heat and humidity.

• Ice cream anyone? Yes, have ice cream in the hot and humid months.

• Try out some interesting summer activities. Say ice skating?

• Whenever the weather forecast tells you that it is going to be over 90 degrees, go on a vacation and spend your weekends in cooler places.


Be it a northern winter or desert summer, every city has its tough season. We know that there is nothing worse than hiding indoors in summers, which is why you should rely on WeatherBug, a weather forecast app for the right knowledge. Now, enjoy summer without getting tormented by the extreme heat and humidity.


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